ESPRO Bloom Review

These are my thoughts on the Espro Bloom.This was kindly sent to me by Kyle of Espro.

First of all – what is it?The Bloom Pour Over Coffee Brewer is a narrowly shaped, flat-bed stainless steel brewer from Espro.This was helped design by US Brewers Champion 2019 Kaley Gann amongst a few great names.What were we after? A device that delivers the ideal level of total dissolved solids in each cup of coffee, as defined by the Specialty Coffee Association’s Golden Cup Standard. This is what we mean by helping you make your best cup of coffee day after day.

The main thing I get by reading the statement above which was taken from Espros Kickstarter page is that this is designed for people who have some knowledge in the industry. Not your normal consumer as they wouldn’t know what the SCA Gold Cup Standard is. Not necessarily a bad thing but narrows the market. But here are my thoughts below. 

I’ve been playing around with this for about a month now and here are my thoughts.

What I have found it helps with coffee that may be tasting on the heavier side. There were some coffees I was struggling with in the past but the Bloom helped a LOT!

You can use a filter (note these are a pain to separate) or not filter which is great if you have no papers in the house 🙃 and if you want to play around with clarity or richer bodied coffee. I think this is the only brewer that can do both.

Similar to the Stagg X for it’s steep size (espro is steeper) meaning for an even channel of water which in turn leads to an even extraction.It has a Flat Bed with over 1500 (1502) etched holes meaning you need to grind relatively fine because it drains really fast.My usual 58 clicks on the Comandante Red Axle drained in 1:25….with pulse pours! So I adjusted to 40 clicks and worked a dream.
It’s stainless steel which means it’s very durable (who else has smashed a ceramic?)


The Filter Papers are the most irritating part of the brewer. I spend more time separating the filters than making the coffee. And the filters aren’t cheap to buy. I think they around £10 for 100. These are at the higher end of the filter paper prices.

Like I said above, it favours darker coffee which I rarely have (my opinion)
Not using a paper I find it clogs a lot, you sort of have to go the other way for grinding and go coarse. Even doing that I find it still chokes.

All in All. 
It’s a great brewer, really is. Produces some consistent cups because of the steep chamber. People have been struggling with pre wetting the filter paper. Pour straight in the middle and that sorts that issue. I also think it favours big brews (25g +) which i rarely do.

Great brewer with a few cons but not enough to outweigh the pros.

Speak Soon

Be sure to check out Kyle and the Espro team at:

And a big thanks to Justin from @DaddyGotCoffee for helping me get this website up!

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